If being on wheels is your thing, the Lincoln Skatepark Association is about you.

We’re a nonprofit group of skaters, parents and area residents who want fun, safe places to ride. No matter what you use – scooter, wheelchair, inline/quad skates, bike or a skateboard – we consider you one of us, and we welcome your participation in our mission.


Phil Burcher: Born in Brooklyn NY and growing up as a military brat, he was introduced to skateboarding and surfing the second time his family lived in Hawaii in 1974 and has yet to understand what “not-skateboarding” means . His life revolves around skateboarding and skateboarding culture and he has skated hundreds of ramps and skateparks around the country.  After graduating Colorado State University with a degree in marketing he joined forces with Scott Bouwens, who founded Precision Skateboards in February of 1984, to grow the business and to support the skateboarding community in Nebraska.

As the owner of Precision Skateboards, one of the oldest skate shops in the country, he has hosted many contests and pro skate demos for over 35 year in the Lincoln and Omaha area.

Busy sharing time raising two skateboarding teenage boys with his wife Tara, who also owns her own business, they continue to strive to make our community a better place to live.

Emily Trauernicht: Originally from Hallam, NE and now residing in Lincoln with my husband (Kyle), dog (Taiyo) and cat (Trevor). She earned a Bachelors in Fine Arts at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. As a Community Organizer with Lincoln Public Schools in their Community Learning Centers, youth development and centering community voice is the essence of my work and professional experience.She is just learning how to skate however the skating community has been near and dear to her heart for many years as it contains her most loved and favorite people!

Jon Taylor: Jon got his first skateboard in 1974 and has lived in Lincoln for 35 years. During that time, he got married, got a journalism degree and wrote for a newspaper, made records and toured the country in a van with his band, had two daughters, built skate ramps, guitars and pipe organs, wrote for state and city governments, and kept riding a skateboard.

Aaron Hraba: Aaron is a visual artist and educator who received his MFA at Syracuse University and his BFA at UNL. His artwork focuses on our conceptions of home. He mines this subject matter from the cultures of the eleven cities and four countries that he has called home.

Kristin Holmes: Third generation Lincolnite and third generation graduate of UNL Teachers College. Owner of The Chronicle and  BeLOCAL Lincoln – two niche market community- building programs serving locals. Co-owner of Lincoln Budokan Dojo, where her husband Brad creates a community for kids who respect each other’s differences.She is passionate about building community culture by supporting local, making connections for local businesses, nonprofits, and community members who care. Mom to four amazing kids and three wonderful grandkids. They have all found their places in our community through the local band scene, Lincoln Public Schools, and the Arizona wilderness. Although she has never been a skater, she is drawn to the skate culture in Lincoln – this is where her oldest and dearest friends can still be found.

Andrew Windle: 20 years as an avid skater in Lincoln, sponsored by Precision skateboards, experience exploring skateparks and skatepark builders.

Tony Earnest: Born and Raised in Lincoln, Tony has been skateboarding for over 20 years, he has skated in more than 30 skateboard contests and been featured in multiple local skateboard videos. He is and avid ramp builder and skatepark enthusiast and is a passionate supporter of the skateboarding community.

Adam Wall: Born and raised in Lincoln, NE, he started skateboarding on banana boards in the late 1970’s. He worked at Precision Skateboards in the late 1980’s, and has been skating for years. He has worked with children and adults with special needs and ended up in roofing contracting as a second career. He also loves reading, photography and music, and can be found wandering the creeks and fields of Nebraska looking for knapped flint. Being involved in skateboarding keeps him young and he wants to share the feeling of freedom and camaraderie he experienced growing up skateboarding in Lincoln. Adam has a son in the Navy who loves skating concrete parks up and down the Pacific Coast, and a daughter in Lincoln who enjoys rolling across the University of Nebraska campus on a skateboard.


Phil Burcher, 402-617-4131,

Jon Taylor, 402-441-7547,

Kristin Holmes, 402-617-6350,

Aaron Hraba, 402-405-6747,

Adam Wall, 402-670-5872,

Andrew Windle, 402-217-3478,


Mike Semrad, 402-435-5335,