There’s a lot of skatepark content on the internet. We’ve picked a few helpful places to share with you.


Skatepark design:

Modern skatepark design is limited only to your imagination. Take a look to see what’s possible.

Team Pain

Grind Line Skatepark

DreamLand Skatepark

New Line Skateparks

Skatepark Locations:


Skatepark groups:

Skaters across the planet are working to build skateparks. See how different communities approach the same goal.

Delco Skatepark Coalition

Montana Skatepark Association

Nebraska Public Skateparks Council


Skatepark advocacy:

Generating support and funding for skateparks can be complicated. These sites will help you navigate the important issues.

Public Skatepark Development Guide

Skate Park Association International

The Skatepark Project

United States Skateboard Education Association


Skatepark benefits:

Improved mental health. Improved physical fitness. Improved economy. Skateparks do all of these and more for their communities.

Beyond the Board: Findings from the Field

Skateboarding helps the middle-aged navigate depression, study shows

The risk of dying while skateboarding is close to zero in a skate park.

Freedom of Space skateboarding documentary